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Covid-19 vaccine myths debunked


Many of us are weary about the long term consequences of this emerging vaccine. Many of us can jump to the conclusions of mutating into a zombie or even better a wolverine. However, after several trials and tests, the vaccine has been approved by science. Misinformation has permeated social media and caused doubt about the [...]

Covid-19 vaccine myths debunked2021-07-23T01:44:43+00:00

Believe or not… COVID cases have increased


COVID19 cases are going up in over 90% of U.S. states & territories. The current 7-day average of daily new cases is 37,674. This is a 52.5% increase from the previous week, & a 230.5% increase from the lowest average in June 2021. There are certain things to be aware of to maintain our safety [...]

Believe or not… COVID cases have increased2021-07-23T00:02:37+00:00

How did Pop Culture change after COVID 2020.


March 2020 started off with social distancing and zoom socializing. This grew into an increase in Tiktok and youtube use than ever before. TikTok’s popularity as a platform skyrocketed over the past year, proving the power it had to influence masses. Several of the past year’s most popular songs were given a substantial boost by [...]

How did Pop Culture change after COVID 2020.2021-07-22T23:46:36+00:00

Support Surfside


On Thursday Last week the Surfside building collapsed at 1:30 am. This catastrophe has led to more than 150 people missing and a death toll of 9 people. As the investigation for more people continues, here are a few ways to support those that were affected by this tragedy. The Miami Heat and several local [...]

Support Surfside2021-07-02T02:40:03+00:00

Improve your posture


If you work in an environment where you are sitting in front of a screen all day or if you are studying for weeks on end, posture is very important. After a while, our body starts to develop chronic pain and postural changes. To avoid any complications with your back or neck, there are quick [...]

Improve your posture2021-06-24T02:59:49+00:00
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