Do you have to be a student to live in the residence?

Yes, you must be a current or prospective student, but you can also live at the residence during your breaks.

Are minors allowed residency?

Yes, as long as you are a student or prospective student you may reside at SLL. Minors must have their legal guardian’s consent and the guardian[s] must also sign for all paperwork.

The move-in date, can I move in early?

Yes, as long as the desired room is available at the chosen date.

What is the process of a housing agreement?

First, you must submit an application (you can contact us via email, phone, or website mailing system if you need help submitting an application). We then go over your application for approval. Once approved, we will send you a lease agreement and rules & regulations. Depending on your terms, you will be required to submit a security deposit and all necessary payments along with your signed paperwork. Upon receiving all payments and paperwork, you will be set to move in on your respective date.

When do students arrive and leave? (Specific check in/out times)

As long as the desired room is available on the date you wish to move in on, we can be flexible with the time of arrival or departure. If there is another student scheduled to move in or out on the day of your departure or arrival, then the check-out time is 11:00 AM and check-in time is 3:00 PM. If needed, we are able to hold your luggage at the residency for an agreed amount of time. If you would like to extend your lease, please contact residency management for availability and price/contract adjustments.

How is the residency supervised?

Residence management will be present sporadically and can be contacted via phone, text, or email.

Is alcohol or drugs allow inside the residency?

No, there is no alcohol or illegal drugs allowed in the residence. Any personal, prescribed medicine, or over-the-counter medicine must be kept inside each perspective student’s rooms.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed. If you have a visitor that requires a service animal to be in their presence, please contact the residency manager to confirm that there is no student currently residing at SLL whom has allergies to animals.

What can be done about the level of noise in the residence?

We have specific rules on noise levels in the residency, however, if anyone is not complying with the noise requirements you may contact our residency manager at (305) 318 – 2770 to make a formal complaint. We will proceed as necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Can students get room changes?

As long as desired rooms are available, you may change your assigned room. If you desire a room with a different rate, penalty fees or fee adjustments may apply. You must contact the residency manager for more information.

Can students rearrange their room furniture?

Yes, you may re-arrange your room as desired, however, any student whose furnishing has been permanently altered or broken may lose their security deposit.

Can students reside at the residence consecutively for long periods of time? (full 4 years +)

Yes, we have yearly leases available.

What kind of visitation polices are in place?

Occasional, overnight guests are allowed (one per person/room). Over 1 night per week must be approved by residency management.

What are the different living options available? (All-Female or All-Male)

We are currently offering an one-gender residence, however we will have more locations in the future, to accommodate both genders.

May residents keep firearms and other such weapons in their room?

No, there are no firearms or weapons allowed in the residency.

Can Students paint their room?

No, rooms must not be altered permanently.

Can each student have a vehicle and respective parking?

There is drive in parking as well as street parking available for vehicles.

Are parties/house events allowed?

Parties and small events may be allowed with approval of management and all residents. Parties and events will be supervised by SLL personnel.

What happens when a rule or policy is violated?

We handle these issues on a case-by-case basis, however any rule violations may be subjected to early contract terminations. Our typical process for violations is one warning and a call to the student’s legal guardian (if available). If there is a second offense, we will automatically terminate the contract and the student must leave the residency.

What amenities are included?

Single rooms guaranteed – no room sharing!

Personal or shared bathrooms

Full bed (54 in × 75 in) (137 cm × 191 cm)

Weekly cleaning services

Weekly grocery services

Bicycles available for easy transportation

Gaming system



Household items are included

Private recreation areas

All the comforts of your home!

What is provided in the room?

Each room has its own furnishing (work desks, beds, curtains, televisions, chairs, extra furnishings, etc.) a television, individual TV boxes, and Wi-Fi internet. The living room is equipped with an X-box. We also provide rain coats, soap, hair dryers, towels, and toiletries (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.). We do not provide personal hygiene-specific products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.). For in-depth descriptions on what each room includes, please check the specific room details on our website or housing listings.

What should students bring into the residence?

Any personal belongings, excluding furnishings, which you require, may be brought into the residence as long as they comply with the rules and regulations. (Clothing, personal electronics, computers, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc.). Please contact us if there are any specific belonging you are concerned about.

Does Student Luxury Living offer food options?

It is not required, we have a kitchen and storage space for food products that you bring in, which can be labeled (color-coded labels) as yours.

Are the rooms carpeted?

No, however, all rooms have area rugs.

Is there a laundry or linen service?

Yes, Linen cleaning services are included with residency. Additional laundry services can be purchased. There is a washer and dryer at our residencies, available for use. Laundry detergent and supplies will also be included.

Is there telephone service in each of the rooms?

No, telephone services are not included with residency.

Is transportation provided?

SLL does not provide personal transportation. However, bicycles can be provided upon request, and there are bus stops nearby the residency.

Are there any storage facilities? (lockers, bike racks)

There are no lockers available. We have bike racks available at our residence and bicycles can be loaned upon request (free).

How do I pay for my housing?

We accept most forms of payments, including, but not limited to, PayPal, Checks, Cash, Wire transfers, etc. (Please note that there is a $50.00 fee for processing checks with insufficient funds)

Can I use my financial aid to pay for my housing?

We are not affiliated with any colleges, therefore there is no automatic payment available with financial aid. However, you are welcome to use any financial aid refund money towards your payment.

Do I need to pay for renters insurance?

No, SLL furnishing is covered in the security deposit and the residencies have security systems. Students will have their own rooms and keys in order to keep their space private and secure. If you would like to have your valuables insured, we do recommend you purchase individual renters insurance. Geico ( and Assurant ( are examples of some companies that offer renters insurance.

What is the difference between SLL and a dorm?

A dorm will usually include the following:

Shared bedroom

Shared bathroom

Twin bed (39 in × 75 in) (99 cm × 191 cm)

Mandatory monthly room inspections

Freshmen are required to purchase meal plans

Guests must be checked in and given a parking pass each visit

Students can only retrieve mail and packages during certain hours

Candles and incense are prohibited

Electronics and kitchen utensils are not included

Does Student Luxury Living have any other properties?

We will have multiple other properties available in the future.

I do not like my roommate, what can I do?

Since each room is designated for one tenant, each student will have their own personal space. If there is a reason you do not get along with any of your roommates, you can contact residence management and the issue will be handled on a case by case basis.

Can I be released from my lease early?

Early releases will be subject to penalty fees. Please consult your contract for fee information.

Is there housing available during the summer terms?

Yes, we are open for residence all year long unless otherwise stated.

Can a housing contract be cancelled?

Early releases will be subject to penalty fees. Please consult your contract for fee information.

What about insurance for lost or stolen items in the residency?

We do not insure personal property, however, you can purchase renters insurance to cover your belongings. All personal [and most importantly, valuable] belongings should be kept in each respective student’s room. If you would like to have your valuables insured, we do recommend you purchase individual renters insurance. Geico ( and Assurant ( are examples of some companies that offer renter’s insurance.

Does SLL have special events or field trips for residents?

We do not plan or pay for any fieldtrip-like events, however, if our residents need help planning their personal trips, we are happy to help with any questions or suggestions.

Ready to move?

The only things you need to bring are your suitcases and personal belongings.