Apple has designed a bunch of continuity features that allow you to carry over work and data from one of its devices to another, and these features can certainly save you time. For example, calls on your iPhone and web pages in Safari can move between your phone and your computer.

You can find that apps from established companies, ranging from banks to airlines, are a bit smoother and cleaner on iOS than Android, with better integration with the phone’s core services, like Wallet.

The selection and availability of iPhone cases, screen protectors, car mounts and other goodies is simply far greater than you’ll find for any other phone

One of the biggest recent iOS releases introduced app tracking notifications, allowing you to opt out of apps tracking you across your phone

It has better retail support. Let’s say something goes horribly wrong with your iPhone, and you need to get it serviced. Owners of Android phones don’t enjoy that luxury. If you need a new battery or a screen replacement and you didn’t purchase a protection plan from the retailer you bought it from, you’ll have to ship it back to the manufacturer. It’s a time-consuming hassle.