Hispanic Heritage Month honors all who have fought to be a part of society. This month recognizes the Latinx communities’ contributions to American society through their culture and language which has advanced the USA.

Hispanic Heritage Month was first introduced in June of 1968 by California Congressman George E. Brown. The push to recognize the contributions of the Latinx community had gained momentum throughout the 1960s when the civil rights movement was at its peak and there was a growing awareness of the United States’ multicultural identities.

Brown, who represented East Los Angeles and a large portion of the San Gabriel Valley—both heavily populated by members of the Hispanic and Latinx communities—wanted to recognize the role played by those communities throughout American history.

The timing of Hispanic Heritage Month aligns with the Independence Day celebrations of several Latin American nations.

Bush has stated “Not all of the contributions made by Hispanic Americans to our society are so visible or so widely celebrated, however. Hispanic Americans have enriched our nation beyond measure with the quiet strength of closely knit families and proud communities”