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Health matters


Health needs to be prioritized in college. It's very easy to lose sleep, eat junk food, party, drink, and get in a vicious cycle. Here is a healthy superfood on campus to help you get your daily dose of antioxidants You have probably heard of that purple frozen dessert topped with fruits, honey, coconut shavings, [...]

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Studying Abroad has many options


We all have dreams of seeing the world. The best way to see the world and gain credits as a student is to study abroad. Many students that receive financial aid and scholarships are able to go abroad with minimal costs and have experiences of a lifetime. Although the corona virus has brought studying abroad [...]

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There’s always a way to follow your dreams


Most students have wanted to pursue their dreams however they felt financially hindered. They have dreams to contribute to society that takes a lot of planning and many years of studying. For example, those that want to follow a Medical or Legal profession have to make some sacrifices by taking out a field of loans [...]

There’s always a way to follow your dreams2021-01-20T22:16:49+00:00

Tips on how to survive this school year


SLL is excited and happy that Fiu campuses have reopened.   Slowly things are going back to normal with a hint of social distancing.   If you are in the situation where you feel behind in your courses because you did not give virtual school 100% of your effort it is not too late to [...]

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Thinking of going FIU? Good Idea!


Thinking about going to FIU as an undergraduate student, a graduate, or PhD student well your mind is in the right place.  FIU offers many different programs that will make you proud to be a panther. As a school that prides itself in ranking 105th among public Universities. This university makes headways with research. In [...]

Thinking of going FIU? Good Idea!2020-10-04T03:42:12+00:00
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