How did Pop Culture change after COVID 2020.


March 2020 started off with social distancing and zoom socializing. This grew into an increase in Tiktok and youtube use than ever before. TikTok’s popularity as a platform skyrocketed over the past year, proving the power it had to influence masses. Several of the past year’s most popular songs were given a substantial boost by [...]

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12 Things To Do During the holidays In Miami


12 Things To Do During the holidays In Miami There are a number of amazing places in this wonderful city to visit during the holidays but having said that, it is of course not a very good idea to travel aimlessly throughout the city. For that reason, we have sorted out several places to visit. [...]

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Movie Theaters & Chill


Looking for things to do during Corona times, well, SLL brings you movies! Remember the days where you would saturate your popcorn with scrumptious butter and you would get an Icee the size of your head? Remember the days that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, none of these were used or existed. The way that you [...]

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Food Delivery versus cooking


You are absolutely swamped and exhausted after a long day at work. You can barely move a limb to heat up some pasta and chicken or to make a quick sandwich. You may have forgotten to have done food shopping and are to your last avocado. Well not to worry because we have Ubereats, Postmates, [...]

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