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Fight Omnicron


Fight Omicron with these simple tips to boost immunity Consume vitamin C and zinc-rich foods for good health along with "garlic, ginger, Indian garam masala, turmeric, raw honey and tulsi. Vitamin D is the key The power of sleep Exercise moderately, stay active, eat well Breathing exercises For many people, bedtime is whenever they can [...]

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Testimony from Yu Rozman


trim.FFD30EBF-D7D3-4B5D-A51A-004DA81F3FD7 My stay here is very pleasant. I am glad that I chose this place for my short 3 months stay here in Miami. They not only provide tenants with everything you need just like at your own house, but also have professional cleaning services once a week to clean the house and even change [...]

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Study and Eat Successfully


With two years of a changed world amid the coronavirus, weight gain is one side effect for a number of people 10 weight loss diet tips Eat vegetables with every meal Limit processed foods Eat fruit Drink more water Stop drinking soda Eat Breakfast everyday Measure yourself regularly Build muscle Go for a walk regularly [...]

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The Pros to Fasting


rom fad to a connection with the divine When it comes to health, Fasting has been shown to improve metabolism, prevent or slow disease and possibly increase life span. When it comes to growing closer to God, Fasting is intrinsic to to two traditions which is Islam and Jainism. t its core, fasting is about [...]

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The truth about vaping


Shortness of breath, cough, fevers, chills, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeats or chest pain is not only associated with COVID 19 symptoms but also the vaping fad. E-cigs and other flavored-vapes may have helped some longtime smokers quit tobacco, but they are now targeting a new generation. Nowadays kids as early as Middle school age are [...]

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