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The Pros to Fasting


rom fad to a connection with the divine When it comes to health, Fasting has been shown to improve metabolism, prevent or slow disease and possibly increase life span. When it comes to growing closer to God, Fasting is intrinsic to to two traditions which is Islam and Jainism. t its core, fasting is about [...]

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The truth about vaping


Shortness of breath, cough, fevers, chills, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeats or chest pain is not only associated with COVID 19 symptoms but also the vaping fad. E-cigs and other flavored-vapes may have helped some longtime smokers quit tobacco, but they are now targeting a new generation. Nowadays kids as early as Middle school age are [...]

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Speaking in public (how to overcome the fear of the audience)


1. Remain calm. This is easier said than done of course. But focus on converting anxiety into excitement. Susan Cain, the introverted author of Quiet who overcome her own phobia of public speaking to give a record-breaking TED talk, explains, “Your go system revs you up and makes you excited. Your stop system slows you [...]

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Are you really as healthy as you think?


Maybe you're getting slightly paranoid with this delta variant and you are starting to load up your refrigerator with a bunch of vegetables, vitamin C capsules, protein, whole grain rice and bread. Maybe you're hit with the reality that Summer vacation is almost over and you have to start eating healthy and working out again. [...]

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Change is hard but worth it


Changes in one’s life are as much apprehensive as they are exciting. We look forward to the first day of freshman year in college or the first day of our graduate program. We’re probably starting our first job out of college. We’re probably recently engaged or possibly expecting a new child. Changes happen in our [...]

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