We recently learned that; Florida International University classes are starting their journey with remote learning on August 24, 2020. Covid-19 has created uncertainty and has definitely slowed down our pace of life utilizing technology to fit every social setting there is including the University curriculum. This lifestyle change has made us more self-reliant on technology than we have ever been. This reminds me of the Sc-Fi movie HER. This movie is about a lonely divorcee that falls in love with his computer system. Perhaps, it’s time for us to appreciate the technological advancements during this vulnerable time. Not to the extent of the provtagonist of HER but you get my point.
Who knew that we would be in this position in August 2020 from being incubated in our homes since March! Some of us may be excited to save on money and time with remote learning and some of us may be discouraged to be stuck in between four air-conditioned walls with the kitchen nearby and tons of time to just lay around and snack. With wherever you stand, a shift of perspective can help us better ease into the school year because It will be another year filled with learning opportunities personally and academically to be looking forward to despite the circumstances. With change and new methods, it is easy for us to get apprehensive but the word NEW should give us the hope that you will learn creative ways of tackling classes and absorbing information. Constant exposure to blue light and social distance can cause strain but let’s train our brains to beat the odds.

Student Luxury living wants to pump your adrenaline with remote learning strategies for a year of success.


• Practice with technology and gain clarity of the technological expectations.

Read the syllabus thoroughly to get familiar with communication methods from your faculty which may include emails, assignment submission platforms, and ways to communicate with your classmates. Knowing the syllabus by heart and practicing using the technologies before classes will launch a productive start to quarantine learning.

• Communicate regularly with your faculty.

Be sure to ask questions and take advantage to connect through email, office hours, and class. Remember to ask questions to get to know the expectations of each professor and build rapport. Please remember their humanness and tendency to be busy so be patient in communication with them.

• Engage with your classmates:

This is one of the many reason’s students love in-person classes. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers in groups of people and were able to survive with the help of one another. This does not mean you will not survive remotely. It just means you will have to make the extra effort to engage in classroom discussions on any discussion board that is provided to you. Seek ways to meet in small groups to study material to be more engaged in the material you are learning. The interpersonal aspect of building relationships is important and doing this will help you cultivate better communication and people skills. This is also great for networking to build professional relationships.

One of the best tools is zoom. Download www.zoom.com right away to get started. You can have multiple group hangouts, study sessions, and even watch movies with screen sharing!

• Structure:

Yes, you will have more flexibility for your classes but organization and demands of course work within a remote setting can be challenging. Clean your learning area up to create clarity and focus for yourself mentally. Set aside blocks of time to complete coursework. The best way to do this is a color-coded calendar to reference your schedule to. Identify a location that will be most conducive for working effectively. Additionally, make sure that you begin coursework as soon as possible so that you can surface potential challenges and have plenty of time to seek out clarification and support from faculty.

If you are looking to connect your computer to your television because your living room is much more study friendly, check out www.Azulletech.com with new mini PC options for a successful school year.

Oh, and make sure you are not wearing your Pjs. Assume you are going to class whenever you are prepping your outfit for the day. You have to dress for success.

• Find times for a digital break:

In this new digital reality, blue light and screen radiation pose challenges for focus. Try to avoid digital overload by spending some time outside everyday whether it be going on a run and walk for oxygen intake. Meditate, cook, dance, and move around. Cortisol builds up if we sit all day and not move around. Moving around can help us refocus as well as meditating to steady our breathing.

Check out meditation apps such as Insight Timer and Synctuition

Check out the workout app FitOn