Florida International University reports having a total of 4,396 international students on campus, 3,122 of whom are undergraduates. This is out of a total of 57,942 students, 48,818 of whom are undergraduates.

This means that Florida International University is a melting pot.
When International students come here its inevitable that they will come out of their comfort zone. Some days might be hard and they dread it but other times they love it and are excited that they made the decision to come overseas.

Here are a few things that International students appreciate about the United States:

1. They love the enthusiasm that people that grew up here and Americans have

2. The hash browns for breakfast

3. Fast food

4. free refills

5. our love of hugging

6. oreos

7. halloween

8. friendliness

Even though many students may come here for a season for school some decide to stay and make the United States if not Miami their permanent home.