Procrastination is a barrier blocking you from making decisions, taking actions with desirable and undesirable tasks, and living the life you dream of.

When you are procrastinating you waste time that you could be investing in something meaningful. Recent studies have shown that people regret the things they haven’t done versus the things they have done.

Something that can paralyze us and keep us in a state of procrastination is fear. Our own minds can play tricks on us.

Some of the reasons we procrastinate is …

Decision paralysis. There are many opportunities available in today’s modern society which has created an issue with priorities. Many people have issues with making decisions because they can become easily confused about what their priorities are
To remedy, setting up daily time with yourself can help you cultivate your visions and reorganize your priorities

Ignoring the value of time
Time management is important because we have an x amount of years on Earth and we should be diligent with the time we have
To remedy this use alarms and form healthy habits to avoid overactivity with meaningless tasks

Lack of Self Discipline
Use intrinsic motivation to navigate your life. Extrinsic motivation and goal oriented motivation have an expiration date however using intrinsic motivation is not about meeting goals but about the actions to meet them. With intrinsic motivation you use personal vision and purpose to guide you. For example, if your purpose is to have a positive impact on others’ lives, then you will have to do your dishes right after you eat and you will have to make time to have those hard conversations with those that you care about