Imposter syndrome is the unjustified feeling of being someone who is undeserving of their accomplishments

Many college students experience imposter syndrome. Social Psychology and personality science research shows that first year generation college students are more likely to experience imposter syndrome.Especially in the field of STEM. STEM has a rigor that intimidates many first generation college students and makes them doubt themselves.

High achieving students tend to experience more imposter syndrome because they amplify every little mistake and overlook all the successes. They’re able to succeed at many things and when they find something challenging they think the worst of themselves.

Imposter syndrome can cause self esteem and confidence to plummet.

It is important to be aware of imposter syndrome.

Here are a few ways you can overcome it:

1. Share how you’re feeling
2. Celebrate the small wins and forgive yourself when you make mistakes
3. Reward yourself when you make the small wins
4. Say positive affirmations
5. Separate feelings from fact