When we grow up most of us are taught to work hard to become successful in life. Success is oftentimes measured by wealth and title. We are taught to be extrinsically motivated to succeed and many of us plan to choose a career that will benefit us long term financially. Yes financial stability is important and safe career decisions like medicine, law, and engineering sound practical and wise. However, a lot of us need to reevaluate ourselves and our values to choose a career that will satisfy our needs and bring us fulfillment.

If you are about to graduate or you have been working and you are looking for a career change It is important for you to

To remember your values: remember what is important to you. Do you prefer knowledge over wealth? Do you prefer wealth over creativity? Do you prefer creativity over stability?
Ask for a different perspective: chat with friends and family from different fields. Avoid bias by asking someone that is not affected by your decision
Consider your options and make a pros and a cons list
Set aside a time to think : do your research, meditate on it
Understand the costs and benefits

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