Some of us have not left our house at all in the past month. We see the numbers of COVID cases rising in Brazil. Although cases in Miami have plummeted, there is just so much uncertainty and unsteadiness about what will happen tomorrow or the next month. Corona has not just raised concerns about health but about finances.

Jobs have been lost, people have been placed on furlough, or have received less hours. It has been difficult but even though some have experienced losses does not mean that this time in history will not bring victories. It means perspectives will have to change and we will need to use technology more than ever. Especially when it comes to jobs.

Many tech savvy individuals have been able to use their time wisely and find ways to make a living from their wifi. Freelance work and 1099 jobs have become reality. There is always a silver lining in difficult times

Here’s a few ways to start your job search on indeed to give you hope:

Look up social media management jobs
Online tutoring
content writing/web design
Selling your products online
Data entry
Instagram influencer

Get out of your comfort zone!