Work ethic among the millennial generation is a very controversial topic. The culture of procrastination is oftentimes romanticized and promoted by trends. With the surge of Instagram and youtube influencers, music lyrics, and other social media outlets ineffective time management and a “Chill” lifestyle is what everyone is aiming for. A lot of college students and adolescents have a “I want to get rich and be famous mentality”, “I want to be wealthy, travel, and look good”. The aim is oftentimes fame and money but a lot of adolescents and college students want to forget about the hard work and perseverance attitude due to the technological age that we live in. The access to social media with Tiktok and Instagram has shifted the perspective of many young people.


When we do research papers, we have sources easily accessible through the web. We have Microsoft word fixing every spelling and grammar error, we have calculators installed in our Iphones, and we have youtube videos teaching us about computer hacking. With google at our fingertips, we have shortcuts to information in the matter of seconds. That’s why google has a shortcut button. 


We know that technology has changed our work ethic. We were all waiting for faster ways to do things and faster ways to learn and we got them but are we using our resources wisely? However, nothing is changed with how people see hard work especially in high school and college. The students that worked throughout school were considered nerds and uncool and those that binge watched The Office and played Fortnite until 4am were everyone’s favorite person.  


What is funny is that in our current culture, everyone laughs about their inabilities and boasts about their failures. With all due respect, self-love and acceptance is important however, the “i don’t care attitude, i just want to be trendy” can lead to a toxic lifestyle. This attitude has proven to be unhealthy for communication, relationship building, progress in career, and strength during challenges. Life comes with challenges, competition, and priorities. The way to be an anchor during a storm is not to wallow in grief and turn yourself into a meme but it is to read more books about being strong mentally and being creative when the going gets rough.