Today Student Luxury Living brings you a way to change your life around by changing your surroundings!

In this day and age of materialism, the average American home has a staggering 300,000 items in their households.
Currently many American’s are ditching the old worn pair of shoes and the vase that their grandma gave them million years ago and they are dabbling in minimalism. Minimalism underscores the idea that less is more. They aim to rid themselves of excess and hold on to the necessary. Many successful entrepreneurs and prominent people like Edward Norton, Rachel Ray, and Leonardo Dicaprio prefer to have a minimalist lifestyle as it allows them to think clearer and gives them a great foundation for creative projects.

There are several benefits to decluttering right this second.

You will save space and time. It takes a lot of mental energy to look for things and you will feel more mentally clear with an organized space. You will have a tidy space to think and create.

For you to enter this lifestyle here are a few tips:

1. Ditch the unnecessary things that you hoard away and give so much importance to. We hold an emotional attachment to many things that do not serve us anymore
2.Get rid of old clothes and make way for fresh space in your closet

Use the RFASR method:

Recency – “When did I last use this?”
Frequency – “Exactly how often do I use this?”
Acquisition cost – “How expensive and/or difficult is it to get this?”
Storage cost – “How much does it cost me to store this?”
Retrieve cost – “What will it cost me if this item becomes outdated, or I need to retrieve it from storage?”

3. Stop collecting :
Whenever you go to the store you might be tempted to buy something that looks exactly the same because of a habit of preference. Weed out that preference! You do not really need that black shirt or that denim jacket because you have 10 others in your closet. Make way for novel items that create new beginnings and give you an air of energy whenever you step foot in your space.

Does decluttering take time and patience? Indeed. People procrastinate starting new chapters by throwing away old books due to the amount of time and energy it takes. But remember the quote “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” ? Benjamin Franklin meant it and it worked for him. Start today!