Lately we are probably experiencing strange symptoms such as blue light fatigue, loneliness, anger, restlessness, and the like. We miss hugging our friends and exploring campus. We miss getting our daily Starbucks fix from the food court and spending countless hours in the library feeling studious while surrounding our classmates. We miss chatting with the person in line when we are waiting to get a bite during a short period of free time before our next class.

Due to COVID, yes there have been constraints in our lives and yes we are feeling the effects after 6 months of minimal CDC guidelines. We’ve been cooped up for so long and we’ve spent a majority of our time indoors that we are probably planning our next getaway and experience a catharsis to the maximum.

Here are a few tips to help you start plan your next wanderlust plans.

1. Buy your tickets in advance. Savvy shoppers always find deals. Come to think of it, one of the managers from SLL bought tickets for $300 to Spain for two months roundtrip because she bought them in advance.

2. Plan to see friends/family or explore the culture or nature. Search nature parks, museums, concerts, shows, events, or landmarks that you are dying to see. Creating an excel spreadsheet or a bucket list to visit would be wise.

3. Reach out to friends and see who will be your travel buddy. Take into consideration their personality and if they will be compatible traveling companions

4. Look for an airline that adds value to your trip. Look for free carry-on deals and meal deals.

5. Look for free events in that area.

6.Have a positive mindset that sooner or later you will be on a plane sipping on a nice red glass of wine and listening to your favorite music in a foreign country!