Looking for things to do during Corona times, well, SLL brings you movies!

Remember the days where you would saturate your popcorn with scrumptious butter and you would get an Icee the size of your head?

Remember the days that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, none of these were used or existed. The way that you would see a movie is if you paid for it and ran to a Blockbuster, a Red-box, or the movie theaters.

There have been a few changes in our culture and the way we experience entertainment nowadays. Some of us love the experience of being in a large movie theater and overhearing our neighbors commentary. Some of us like the convenience of watching it from home with family.

However after being locked up, socializing by seeing a movie with friends calls for a celebration. Slowly the city of Miami is opening and a few movie theaters are open to serve your cinema needs. If you are looking to watch new releases like Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet with Robert Pattinson or Unhinged with Russell Crowe, check out any of the theaters below.

A few movie theaters that are open are :

Cinemark Paradise 24 and XD

Regal Sawgrass & IMAX

Regal Broward & RPX

Regal Westfork

If you really want to blast to the past check out a few drive thu movie spots that allows you to seat your cars up to 4 people and brings you your popcorn and drinks

The Swap shop & drive in movie theatre offers 14 screens of movies playing that play new releases like Tenet, Unhinged, and the Broken Hearts Gallery

The movie selections are different with classic movies on the roster.

Carpool Cinema Wynwood currently offers screening of the Mummy and Battleship. With COVID-19 regulations in place, you are brought food and basically the ground is lava and you can only leave your car if you want to go to the bathroom.

It is a great experience to have with your friends or on a date!

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