Mothers Day is approaching.

Mothers day falls on May 9 and it’s approaching us soon. This is a day devoted to Mothers everywhere to celebrate their sacrifices and love. Let’s be honest, being a mom is a second job. SLL would love to help you with some gift ideas.

We might want to rush the gift giving and be last minute but the pandemic has had an adverse effect on us all especially mothers. Many mothers stayed home with their school aged children all day home and took time away from work. The stress has had a real impact. So, let’s be thoughtful and give Moms what they need.

Here are some gift ideas:

1. Think about the last time Mom has left town for a break. Consider booking an Airbnb somewhere out of town close to some activities to do like the beach, brunch, hiking, shopping centers. This will give mom a good mental health break

2. Help her check off things on her to do-list. Mothers love it when you run all the errands, do all the chores, cook, and do everything to lighten their load.

3. You can never go wrong with a spa day and paying for a babysitter

4. Give her a gift and/or experience to remind her she’s not only a mom but also an individual. Get her a dozen roses and a night out to a nice restaurant where she can dress up.

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