We made it to December.


In Miami, we do not experience the four seasons however with the Christmas decorations in your neighborhood, with Christmas trees and garlands surrounding public spaces, and Christmas music playing with a hint of Mariah Cary, we know it is the best time of the year!


SLL presents Christmas tree shopping. 


If you’re wondering between a fake tree of a real Christmas tree, here are some advantages to having your house smell like a pine forest


  1. Nothing can beat the smell of a real tree
  2. Picking out a real tree is an experience the whole family can enjoy
  3. 1 acre of Christmas trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people every day
  4. Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  5. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Christmas trees  support the economy by helping employ 100,000 people


Check out the Christmas tree farm called SantasGardens Christmas trees at 9850 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33165


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