Student Luxury Living is not just a housing option, It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.


We don’t talk about us all that much. We prefer to help you find balance in your daily routines, we prefer to recommend the best food spots and leisure activities that create memorable experiences.


But… we’d love to give you a glimpse about us.


Being a part of SLL is  like being a part of a family.


Here are a few things we value 


  1. EXPERIENCE: We want you to live your best life at SLL. We want you to enjoy cooking meals for your friends and hosting taco night. We want you to enjoy studying in our living room or dining room and we want you to sit back and relax while you watch football on our flat screen TV.


  1. STRESS FREE living: we understand the hustle and bustle of a student’s and young professional’s life so we offer free weekly cleaning services. We also provide household kitchen supplies and appliances. 


  1. FLEXIBILITY: We offer short term lease options to students or young professionals that come for a temporary job. It is very difficult to find housing for the short term so we are flexible with your schedule. 


  1. EXCELLENCE: We offer discounts to those that show excellence academically.