Unlike many other cities with diverse public transportation, navigating Miami without a car is a challenge. The bus system is slow and the Metromover and Metrorail is limited to certain areas. This can cause much frustration for international students who don’t have a car and students that come from cities that have subways and don’t need a car. Something as simple as picking up groceries can become a goose chase and create many unnecessary headaches.

And what about getting to doctor appointments and interviews?

Sounds pretty hectic but SLL won’t keep FIU students hanging.

Here are some ways to get around town.

1. Check out Zipcar! Borrow a car to use for any errands or meetings with friends. Zipcar provides students with discounts. You get a discount of $69 a day if you pay $25/year.

2. Uberpool and Lyft pool have monthly memberships for you to avoid road rage and relax while you get from point A to point B

3. Catch some trolleys in Midtown and Downtown

4. Catch the mMtrorail to downtown and ride on the Metromover throughout downtown and Brickell for the weekend

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