If you are a new student in Miami, the holidays can get pretty lonely. Especially when you usually spend Christmas with your family and you usually have a traditional Christmas with snow and freezing nights. Student luxury living is a community that is always there for you. We stick together and celebrate together with board games, cookies, and the property manager even cooks for all the tenants. Student luxury living is a family even when it is your first year away from home.

Here some holiday advice to keep you warm and cozy in the midst of loneliness from Property Manager, Sid, a PhD international student from India.

Q & A:

How did you celebrate your Christmas Eve/ Christmas ?

On Christmas Eve, My roommate and I went to downtown coral gables and watched a Christmas lighting show. We ate an Argentinian restaurant. On Christmas I cooked all my roommates a traditional vegetarian paneer tikka masala.

How was celebrating holidays in Miami different from back home?

Back home when I am back in India it’s amazing when I am back at home with family. When I am here I thought it would be very lonely however, I had a fantastic time with my roommates and it felt like family.

What advice can you give someone dealing with loneliness on their first year being away from hone during the holidays ?

  • 1. Be proactive in reaching out to people that you know. You are not the only one alone on the holidays
  • 2. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability. Be honest with how you’re feeling with others
  • 3. Make plans in advance with others
  • 4. Look for fun things to do.