Community Blog:

Whenever Senior’s in high school start applying to different colleges and Universities, they are imagining
the college campuses they see in movies, student body carrying their laptops along with Coffee to-go
cups and students walking to classes with their friends. You see the college experience as a bonus to
studying far away from your parents and doing whatever you want with full independence in curfew.
You also start imagining house parties just like in the house bunny. However, in reality, it’s not what it
cracks out to be.
When you enter campus you start to see blood shot eyes, stressed out facial expressions, and a hot air
balloon of insecurity. Students that are far away from home feel lonely, perfectionists are driven mad
when they’re no longer the smartest person in the room, and purpose feels lost.
You see Universities have a lot of resources such as clubs and organizations students can become a part
of to find that purpose again however students are not always able to join in their hectic lives.

Now that you are virtual, what a wonderful time to ponder on all the things you love doing and finding
time to serve at a certain capacity and find like-minded individuals. You may find people who make you
feel at home. You may change your major and become more decisive on what you’re passionate about.
Student Engagement on campus or in this case virtual campus create belonging, community, and a social
life that most of us can lack when busy in school in person not to mention virtual.

For example,
The center for student engagement offers upcoming events for you to get an upstart to finding the
perfect opportunity for you to become more involved in FIU student life.

Academics community seminars:
There is an upcoming session on how to become part of a student organization and get an internship
opportunity on August 31 st virtually from 2pm to 3pm.
Tune in live at

Other upcoming events are:
 Events include #collegegoals- a success workshop where you learn about goal setting,
motivation, time management, study strategies, and more on September 9t at 1pm
Tune in live at :

Personal At-home fitness community virtual events:

1. Virtual Movement Challenge at 8/27 at 6:30pm
Available on: Zoom
2. Mental Health, Mindfulness & Meditation at 11/10 at 12:30pm
Mark your calendars because YOU are important and YOU belong.