“Career Engage Cares About The Future of Young Professionals”

SLL presents you with a program that FIU is fully committed to the success of future young professionals called Career Engage. This program prepares online learners with professional-readiness skills. During this day and age, students with an amazing GPA and leadership roles are not enough, there are competencies that are prioritized in the professional world that FIU empathizes with.


Well rounded skills have become even more prioritized in our active virtual work climate. Career Engage helps online engineering manage students develop the hard and soft skills such as communication and structure that help them in their respective industries.


Since 2019 the program includes online students in Hospitality and Tourism management degree programs and those earning a Public Health degree. In the wake of COVID-19, many industries will never look the same and Career Engage understands that.


Career Engage helps navigate the career landscape during these competitive times. Sometimes, we have to go that extra mile to learn communication, marketing, and psychology skills for STEM careers because those skills will pay off in the end. If you want better public speaking skills, a better looking resume, and to make connections Career Engage is a great resource.


This is available to undergraduate and graduate students upon completion of the three-step engage pathway that is self-determined and completely online. You are able to work at your own pace.


The program works in a three-step badging pathway. The first step is to earn professional certifications, the second step encompasses soft in-demand and essential skill, and the third step guides students creatively and assigns a personal capstone project to create a career action plan.


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