FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus Residence

Located at 1435 SW 82 PLACE, MIAMI FL 33144

A chic alternative to basic college dorms and badly-kept apartments. SLL offers you an excellent option to live off campus without the added stress of managing your own place. We believe that a student’s number one priority is school, so we are thrilled to offer the complete, all-encompassing housing package.

For free time and relaxation, the residence has a modern, large screen LED, television set and gaming system. You can gather to watch the FIU football game or play video games in the comfort of your own home. Each suite is furnished with its own TV, internet port, new linens and towels. Large common areas and the yard with patio furniture will provide great spaces to hang out with your friends or to relax with a book.

From cable and internet services, to personal shopping, Student Luxury Living has taken everything into consideration. We provide you with a personal grocery buyer who purchases, restocks, and labels food for the week. Our grocery service offers students convenience and allows them to maintain a healthy diet while focusing on classes. The kitchens are equipped with plates, cups, glasses, pans, and utensils, so you have everything you need to create well-balanced meals.

SLL also provides cleaning services to ensure you are living in a clean, healthy environment. Our cleaning staff leaves the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and other common areas spotless each week. Your sheets and towels are also our responsibility and, for your personal laundry needs, there is a washer and dryer available for use.