This Month in Food: Local Restaurants You Need to Try

Getting bored of eating sandwiches and fast food?  Here are some great local restaurants with amazing authenticity that you HAVE to try.

MOMI Ramen

5 SW 11th St, Miami, FL 33130

momiinside1momi ramen

Ramen is a classic staple food in Japan.  Known for it’s intricate broth, delicious noodles, and delectable slices of meat, it has graced the tables of every Japanese citizen — almost DAILY!  Ramen has come a long way, in the form of instant noodles, and has been a staple in budget dieting for college students since it’s arrival to the states.  MOMI Ramen, in Downtown Miami, keeps authenticity to its soups, matching the intricate preparation that goes into preparing the soup back in Japan.  If you’ve never tried authentic ramen, you HAVE to give this place a try.  If you’re not into soup, they have plenty of other authentic Japanese dishes on their menu.

Cvi.Che 105

105 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33132

cvi.che 105 incvi.che 105


Peruvian food is a truly unique, upscale, cuisine with intricate flavor combinations unlike any other cuisine.  If you’ve never tried it before, you have to try Cvi.Che 105 in Downtown Miami.  The food is phenomenal and the staff is more than willing to give recommendations for things to try.


Swine Southern Table & Bar

2415 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, Fl 33134


Welcome to America, the land of massive portions, bacon, and man-hood.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try authentic, gourmet, versions of American classics, come out to Swine Southern Table & Bar.  It has a great atmosphere encased in Edison lighting and freedom.

Casa Tua

1700 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


This restaurant has one of the coziest, pinterest worthy, atmospheres I have ever seen.  For delicious, authentic, Italian food, you have to check out Casa Tua in Miami Beach.

Fado Irish Pub

900 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130


If you’ve never been to an Irish pub, you’re missing out on some delicious food and delightful beer (if you’re of drinking age).  Fado Irish Pub is as authentic as it gets, down to the Irish wood they imported to Miami to make it look as close to home as possible.  If you haven’t given hearty Irish food a go, by all means, Fido is the best place to start.



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