The Questions You Should be Asking

You may have started this semester with a focused mindset and lots of inspiration. However, as March arrives you may have noticed a slight decline in motivation. Have you noticed yourself asking questions that don’t help push you to finish the semester off strong? Well, the solution is simple: Switch these questions! Practice exchanging the more negative ones to those that you know will help provoke a desire to excel in school, or even other elements of your life.   


Question you may ask now:

Should we go to the party tonight, before our exam tomorrow?

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Question you need to be asking:

What clubs or organizations should I join in school?

Joining a club can be highly beneficial! They will allow you to develop better critical thinking, leadership, and people skills. You will be able to work on whatever it is you are passionate about and create new systems, art, ideas, etc. If you plan on applying for a job with a marketing company, for example, make that resume look its’ best! Add your “Marketing Club” experience, and you will definitely see better results than those who never had that additional experience. Who knows, this could even be the push your employer needs to hire you rather than the next job candidate.

These clubs will allow you to learn more about yourself and help develop your “University Style”. All clubs are distinct, therefore if you are looking to make an impact in the world you can find clubs that can help others or even animals in your community.  Another amazing benefit is being able to network. Working with people with similar interests as you can potentially help you reach goals and future job opportunities that you possibly would not have been able to as easily without that contact. The people you will meet will not only be helpful to your career but to your personal life. FIU has a very diverse population of hispanics, asian, black, white, and other minority groups. The chances of meeting people with different backgrounds is higher than the chances at other universities or colleges in Florida. The friendships you make in these clubs can become unforgettable and possibly forever, so why not go for it?

Link: Check out the clubs and organizations offered at FIU and see which one is right for you! 


Question you may ask now:

If I stay up to finish this Netflix series, will I be on time for school tomorrow?

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Question you should be asking:

How do I stay focused to finish this semester off strong? 

Plan: Come up with goals that you want to achieve and try to figure out the best way to stick to these goals. For example, some people may use calendars (physical or online), agendas, lists, etc. Try to come up with a monthly, weekly or even a daily schedule that will allow you to see what it is you need to stay up to date with and which assignments or events you need to be working on.

Train your brain: The “plan” step is not only about making a to do list and then losing that piece of paper. It is about writing down what you will do and actually doing everything you initially set out to do.

Eat great, sleep great! You must be conscious that your body is not a robot and you should not be abusing it. No one really likes to be bothered by a growling stomach, so prevent this from happening by eating a healthy breakfast and food throughout the rest of the day. Not only does food help you stay focused, but it gives you energy, helps fight disease, and helps your overall mood in a positive way. As the semester progresses, you may find it difficult to find time to rest, but this must end now. Sleeping is just as important as eating right.  

The last step is analyzing some of the things you may be doing on a daily basis so you can identify what you need to do more of and what you need to do less of. Try to eliminate factors that distract you rather than help you stay focused on your work.


Question you may ask now:

How many absences do I already have? Can I afford to skip again?


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Question you should be asking:

Should I get an internship?

Of course! Gaining experience in your future career field will be an indicator as to whether or not this is the right path for you. Rather than seeing an internship as a waste of time you should think of it as an opportunity to save time. How? Well, if you are in the wrong field, you can still change majors rather than having that job after you graduate and finding out you are unhappy.

Aren’t you tired of just reading books and studying about your future job rather than actually experiencing it? By getting an internship, you can finally put all that knowledge to practice. Not only that, but this is an amazing opportunity to get a head start and show a company all that you can do. In the process of interning, an outcome that you may be revealed is that the company you interned for is not the right fit for you. This is great because once you have your degree, you will have a better understanding as to what you are looking for in your future employers and colleagues and perhaps you will find a more suitable company. On the other hand, there have been many cases where interns have actually been offered jobs at the place they interned. This is, of course, a great advantage, especially in our competitive society.

If this is starting to sound like a good idea, the first thing you can do is start to investigate for yourself where these internships are currently available.

You can start by clicking the links below:

If you have been interested in working at a certain company or with a certain person you can definitely call or browse the web and discover if they offer internships. You will be surprised to find that even the companies that do not usually have interns are willing to offer the opportunity to those who want it. Who knows, you may even be lucky enough to find the paid internship of your dreams!


Question you may ask now:

If I fail this test, what are my chances of passing this class?


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Question you should be asking:

What can I do to constantly stay motivated?

Quotes can be extremely helpful. They are quick reminders that allow us to feel invincible and cause us to react in proactive ways. The content of a certain quote you are fond of, usually holds value and works as a tool to staying motivated. This is especially true when the quote is written by someone whom you trust or admire. 

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Aside from using quotes as your method of inspiration try to find other sources around you. Whether it may be connecting with nature, hearing wise words from a relative or friend, or even finding inspiration within yourself. You are the most powerful tool you have to succeed, so take advantage!


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