A Memorable Thanksgiving: Games

Do you want to:


Laugh so hard you’ll lose the pounds you gained while eating

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Avoid awkward family conversations


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Connect with friends


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Check out the following board games that will make these things possible!



1. Cards Against Humanity

You’ll be laughing nonstop and using your darkest humor when you play the Cards Against Humanity Game at your next adult game night. This funny card game has one player flip over a question from the Black Card deck and every each other player responds with their most hilarious White Card. It’s up to the person who flipped the Black Card to decide whose White Card was the most humorous. You repeat this process until one player collects the most Black Cards and wins the game! This is the original Cards Against Humanity game that includes 460 White Cards and 90 Black Cards for players to create awkward and boundary-pushing jokes in the hopes of becoming the winner against humanity.






2. Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game

Earn “chill points” by painting landscape features like Happy Little Trees and Almighty Mountains using colors and brushes from your hand of cards. Keep your eye on what other players are doing and be strategic about the sequence in which you complete the features. If another player beats you to the brush, you may want to wash your palette and shift your painting plan. All the while, Bob sets the painting pace as he advances across the easel, offering sage encouragement and bonus opportunities for even more chill.





3. Stranger Things Monopoly

In this Monopoly game inspired by the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, Will Byers has gone missing. Players choose an 80s-inspired token or one “ripped from the Upside Down” to move around the board trying to find him. Pretend to search the town of Hawkins and buy, sell, and trade locations and vehicles from the show. The game includes Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards, replacing Community Chest and Chance cards, while Forts and Hideouts replace houses and hotels. Who will win the game and avoid getting trapped in the “Upside Down?”





3. Who’s Most Likely To

Who’s Most Likely To is a party game for you and your stupid friends. Each round a card is drawn and the group decides who in the group would be most likely to… #1 WAKE UP WITH HALF A BURRITO IN BED. #27 HAVE 20-MINUTE CONVERSATION WITH SIRI. #92 CALL DIBS ON PEOPLE AT PARTY. First a player declares themselves the judge and reads a card aloud. Each person then says who in the group should be tagged with this card and why. First person with 7 cards loses. There are no winners in this game..only losers.

3. That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said Game : Target

4. Taboo Midnight


6. Exploding Kittens NSFW

The Not-Safe-For-Work (or Kids!) version of Exploding Kittens! It is a stand alone game or you can combine NSFW with your regular deck and play with up to 8 people! Warning – Contains artwork that is not suitable for children.

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