Study Sess: Preparation Tips

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As the 2018 Spring semester makes an appearance, long study sessions do too. If you want to get the best results you should definitely take a few minutes and follow the quick tips below!


1. Choose The Most Convenient Study Spot


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You may find it most comforting to study at your own home.

Others may have too many distractions at home and may find it easier to study elsewhere. It is up to you to try and find the most comfortable study spots that will help you focus the most. If you are a student at Florida International University you may already know there are tons of great study spots either indoors or outside. From studying near Starbucks, to the library, to sitting outside near the pond. Take a chance to walk around the school and see which spot feels most soothing to you!

For those who know staying at home or school will be too distracting you can always study at a convenient coffee shop, library, or even a park. Explore your options and try to choose the one that will be less time consuming and allow you to work the hardest.


FIU Spots


2. Eliminate Distractions Beforehand


If you have something important you need to get done that is not related to your studies, do those tasks beforehand. For example, if you live with your parents or roommates you wouldn’t want them to interrupt you with chores you may need to do. If you get those done beforehand, you will not have to stop in the middle of your studies and lose your concentration.

Eat before studying! This is also a distraction many students have experienced. Try to prepare a healthy snack with the nutrients your body needs to work most effectively. A little tip is to stay away from chips or other hard foods while you are studying, it can be hard to concentrate with a loud crunching sound.

If you feel exhausted before you even begin to study, you should consider taking a quick power nap. This will give you the energy you need to get through a longer study period. If you do take the nap remember to put an alarm and wake up the first time it rings. “If you get tired, learn   to rest, not to quit!”


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3. Organize!!


Once you have finally sat down to begin your study session it is so important that you declutter. Take a look at the photos below…

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Which looks like a more productive setting? If you simply take a few minutes to clean your work space you are more likely to feel more motivated and concentrated on the work in front of you. You will definitely see an improvement in your studies once you take this step.

Now that your work space looks clean and organized you pull out your notes from your book bag and find something like this…


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This seems like a cry for urgent attention. You should definitely also take the time to organize your book bag, notes, binders, etc. Try to make it a habit to always keep your notes and supplies in order so when the time to study comes, you can just jump right into the work.

Not only is it important to clear your desk but it is crucial that you clear your mind before diving into your work.


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Our minds are constantly at work and it can become difficult to stay focused but try taking deep breaths and put all your focus into what you are trying to accomplish the task at hand. Also, remember to keep a positive mindset as you begin your work and throughout the entire session.



4. Set The Ambiance


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People have different ways of “getting in the zone” when it comes to getting work done. A good way to set the ambiance is by putting on some music that will help you focus. A good tip is to choose songs that do not have lyrics so you won’t have that urge to start singing along. Another tip is not letting the volume take over the voices in your head. By that I mean try to keep it low so you can actually hear yourself think. Now, if you are doing a project or activity that does not require too much concentration you can always turn it up and get creative!

Another tip is adjusting the aroma to your liking. If a nice fragrance will be helpful in your process you can use candles or oils. Try to make sure they are not too powerful or else you may become distracted with how good the smell is or you may feel uncomfortable with the scent until you finish studying.

Be mindful of what you are trying to do: study for a test, get homework done, read chapters, etc. Having a phone on can become a hindrance in your studies. Turn off your phone or at least turn off your notifications.



5. Set a goal


Before jumping into the books, take minute or two to set goals for yourself. Ask yourself what you need to accomplish in this session.

Identify the priorities and establish a system that will get you to reach your goal.




Now GO! With these tips you should be ready to start a very focused study session. We believe in you!




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