Student Tips – Transit Edition


Getting to school is not always as easy as getting in your car and driving to your destination—in fact, many students are still relying on the transit system to get them to where they need to go.

If you’re an FIU student, you’ve also got the perks of the Golden Panther Express, which will take you between the two main campuses (Biscayne Bay and MMC)!


There’s a tracker that gives you a live feed of where the bus is currently located: There are also other FIU bus services, which you can find more on here:

While taking the bus is a norm for many students, there are also other, equally economically-conscious, ways to get to school.

Better than walking, doubles as exercise, can be used recreationally, and can be taken with you on the bus, the bicycle is not just a nostalgic plaything you used as a kid. Same with skates and skateboards! FIU also has a bike shop, located at MMC, that offers affordable prices for bike repairs.

Carpooling is also a really great option! Aside from saving gas and offering a better alternative to the bike and bus, carpooling also comes with incentives. In addition to that left lane on the highway, you can also check if your school has their own set of incentives. For example, FIU offers a special parking decal and spaces for carpool certified vehicles, and if they travel through a certain area, each carpool participant is able to register themselves to receive up to $150 each month. Find more information about FIU’s program here:

FIU also wants to give students who rely on foot power to get to school (bicycling, skateboarding, walking) at least twice a week, the perks of the “Emergency Ride Home” Program which provides up to 6 free taxi rides home per year. You can find more information regarding this program at

So if you didn’t already know about these perks, take advantage of them or any services available for other schools. If you usually drive and are in a pinch, it’s also good to remember there are people and services more than willing to help get you to where you need to go!

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