Student-friendly discounts for software

Attending school is already difficult enough when you have to purchase school supplies, and if you thought buying books was expensive, buying software is on a whole other level. Software is necessary in all kinds of fields: design, engineering, journalism, business, and more.

Thankfully, many software retailers are aware of the struggle of costs for students and offer competitive discounts to help alleviate the stress that comes with budgeting for supplies

The following is a list of the top retailers that offer great discounts for students (and staff), letting students purchase software for only a fraction of the price.

This software vendor offers software in areas including business, math, music, programming and many other subject areas that are very important to students and teachers.
Any student or employee of a school system can qualify for the discounts available at this website simply by faxing or emailing proof of eligibility along with the order. The only educational organization listed as not qualified for the discounts is any private training Institute. Other than that, most schools, school owned organizations and even home school students qualify.


At creation Engine, you’ll find Autodesk Education Suite, Avid Media Composer, Photoshop, and more for some serious discounts. It’s impossible to find these professional software prices anywhere else, and if you’re a student or staff, then it’s all available to you.


For Mac users, Apple also offers an excellent “Education Discount” on their software products. All you have to do is find your school in the education discount section of the Apple Store. The student deals offered under the Education section of the Apple Store aren’t quite as significant as the other sites listed, however both Mac hardware and software is offered on this page.


This site works a but differently than most others in that, instead of individual students or staff qualifying for the discounts, an entire school can join the program and open a WebStore through OnTheHub. Students and Staff simply visit their own school’s WebStore to buy the products with associated educational software discounts. You will still need to prove that you’re affiliated with the school using your school identification, but once you’ve established that you’re affiliated with that particular school, you can access the WebStore and purchase as many products as you want at the discounted prices. The school chooses which software products are available in its WebStore.


JourneyEd is one of the academic discount websites promoted and linked to from Microsoft. The site doesn’t only offer Microsoft products, though. At JourneyEd, you’ll find Intuit QuickBooks or even AutoCAD. Purchasing the steeply discounted software products at JourneyEd is available to K-12 and College Students, school staff and administrators, home school students and parents and even anyone affiliated with the Air Force. You can fax student or faculty ID cards to JourneyEd in order to qualify for the discounts.


The Academic Superstore online storefront one of the most comprehensive listings of software for students and teachers, covering subjects like early learning, desktop publishing, digital photography, animation and much more. The discounts at this software vendor range all the way up to 85 percent off of the retail price. However, you’ll need to provide evidence that you’re involved in academia. To do this, place your order and then scan and upload one of the acceptable documents to the website. These documents are the same for most of these websites, and include things like your current student or faculty ID, a course schedule, a letter of enrollment or employment, just to name a few.

academic superstore

Studica offers discounted hardware and music technology to students and educators. Also, the verification system isn’t quite so stringent at Studica. Parents, relatives and even friends can purchase products for students, but the individual student has to provide their own verification documents before the order will be processed.



These are just some of the top helpful websites that deliver great software products at a great price. Students interested in learning the trade and growing the market should not have to pay full price for software!


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