Room Showcase – The Emerald

Student Luxury Living Emerald Suite




For our second showcase, we’d like to share our Emerald Suite! This suite sports more room than the sapphire and is equipped with a bed, dresser, closet space, shelf space, and an TV. Also included are a:

.area rug

.cable connection

.work desk with a chair and light

.nightstand with lamp

.linens, pillows, comforter, and bath towels

.extra chair and coffee table space


In addition, the house also includes the main living room, shared restroom with dual sinks, dining space, backyard, and kitchen, and access to the residency’s washer and dryer.



This room is currently available near FIU’s main campus at 1435 SW 82 PLACE, MIAMI FL 33144. For more information on availability, please contact Julia at (305) 318 – 2770, or via email (

Prices for our Sapphire suite are as follows:

Calendar Year (per month) – $1450 USD

Academic Year (August 20 – April 30, per month) – $1610 USD

Per Semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) – $5313

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