Moving Out and Moving In: Part 1

Moving out for the first time is no piece of cake. You must embark on one of your first large financial leaps while assuring this is where you want to set sail for a lengthy period of time. What our company offers is different to any other housing option provided in Miami! When students and medical professionals look for a place to rent in Miami these are the options they will usually find:

1. A high priced residential or apartment rental for a minimum of a year lease contract in distasteful areas.

2. Small dorms where you must share your room and restroom.

Now, you may stumble across a nice rental for a seductive rate, but let me ask you one simple question: Will your new home have everything Student Luxury Living guarantees to offer at a reasonable price?


- All-inclusive home with amazing service.

- Total luxury.

- Complete comfort.

- Genuine quality.

- Impeccable Weekly Cleaning.

- Guaranteed safety at a great location.

 – Close proximity to the best universities in Florida, such as Florida International University. Close proximity to everything you can think of: medical centers, malls, markets, restaurants, churches, fitness centers, clubs, and so much more. 

- Available staff, waiting to help you!


Take your time and really think about that question I asked earlier. Before you answer,  consider all the material things you would not have to worry about if you lived at the Student Luxury home. (2)


How amazing does this all sound to you?

This amazing opportunity is available now! You must make important choices every day. Make a smart choice and consider our housing option.




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