Mother’s Day Ideas on a Budget!

Sons and daughters may love their mothers greatly but may not always have the finances they want to give great gifts. We are here to help and provide a solution to your dilemma! There are plenty of low budget projects you can do to make your mother happy on Mother’s Day.


Yummy Surprise:

For those who enjoy making delicious desserts. Here is an idea: Put together a gorgeous bouquet of cupcakes.

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Spa Day Ticket:

Perfect gift for a mother who needs some relaxation! Rather than spending lots of money on an actual spa you can bring the spa to your mother. Gift may include the following:


– Homemade Candles

– Homemade Body Scrub

-Homemade Lip Balm

– Homemade Bath Balm

– Free Massage Ticket

Lip balm diydiy body butterdiy hand scrub



Stamped Kitchen Towels:

An easy project to create for mom’s beautiful kitchen. Simply grab a fruit or some time of stamping tool, add some paint, and stamp onto towel of your choice!

IMG_4091 Veggie-Stamping-2


DIY Flower Vase:

Very affordable gift! All you need is a can or any cup of your choice and flowers of your choice. You can decorate the can or cup any way you would like. A great option is to buy flowers from the dollar store or you can pick the flowers from your own garden. Your mother will love this thoughtful gift, especially if she loves flowers.

gallery-1459991358-painted-tin-can-mothers-day-gift-via-house-by-hoff-5-533x800        maxresdefaultcup-flower-vase1


Button Rings: 

For a trendy mom who loves to accessorize a great option would be button rings.



Beautiful Plant Holder:

Your mother will be thrilled to see her garden beautified with these gorgeous new pots.

hmd pot 2 hmd pot 3 hmd pot

Scented Sachets:

A simple gift to freshen the atmosphere. All you need to do is simply cut two heart shapes out of your favorite fabric, place printed sides facing each other, and sew edges, leaving space to add filling. Then fill with any mixture of delicious smelling dried flowers or spices, stitch up, and enjoy!



Floral Frame:

With inexpensive materials you may have around the house such as: flowers, Styrofoam, a glue gun, and some cardboard. You can write out “MOM” or even your mother’s first name initial. Get creative! ;)

hmd 1 hmd 2 hmd 4




Sweet Cards:

Top off your gift with a card where you can show your mother just how much you truly love her. No need for boring cards! Use these fun ideas:

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