Looking For An Outlet?

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Life can be tough, looking for an outlet?

Turns out your parents were right. Maybe you should have started playing an instrument when you were younger. No need to feel bad, you should still go for it!

Music has so many benefits and on behalf of international make music day we want to inform you on the benefits of making music.




– The left side of the brain is developed with music. Therefore, those who make music have a much wider developed area of language and reasoning.

– Music works as an excellent help for your memorization skills.

– A lot of time is spent into making music. Once a song is made there is such a great sense of accomplishment and it is incredibly motivating. This motivation not only leads to the creation of more music but overall motivation for daily tasks at school and work, for example.

– For the most part, musical education leads to a greater intellectual and emotional development.

– Amazing coping method for relieving stress and anxiety.

– Endless possibilities of creativity!

– A form of expression.

– Great for the auditory learner.

– Helps make you a risk taker and allows you to become much more confident.


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If you have read this article and are thinking to yourself that you want to start playing an instrument we highly recommend you to do so. If you have the money to pay for a class for the instrument that interests you, definitely go for it! If you do not want to spend the money, there is no need to. There are tons of videos and websites online that want to help you learn for free or a very low price!

Here are simply a few sources you can go to for help:



Guitar Lessons

Take Lessons

There are also tons of sources on YouTube that will teach you how to play anything! Simply take advantage of your resources, try to become open minded and learn from others.


Once you know how to play music you can even go on to creating it yourself and truly become part of Make Music Day! This beautiful celebration started back in 1982. The Ministry of Culture had this desire to have one day dedicated to music where live music would be everywhere for free for everyone to enjoy. If you are interested in knowing a bit more about Make Music Day go check out the link below:

Make Music Day

If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area or want to take a trip, you should definitely visit the Musical Celebration on June 21 in honor of Make Music Day!

Make Music Day- Fort Lauderdale Celebration!


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