How to Stay Focused This Semester




11 ways to keep focus


1. Plan Out Your Times

2. Train Your Brain

3. Let It Flow

4. Sleep Well, Eat Well

5. Make A List

6. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

7. Clear Up

8. Pay Attention To Your Habits

9. Time’s Up

10. Separate Relaxation Space With Work Space

11. Finish


Evan Carmichael




7 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Evan Carmichael

1. Have a Schedule and Goals

2. Start the Day Off Right

3. Have Deadlines

4. Deal With Your Tasks Before Dealing With Peoples Problems

5. Eliminate Other Distractions

6. Create a ‘No-Crisis’ Business

7. Be Around Focused People


Mariana's Study Corner




How to Stay Focused

Mariana’s Study Corner

1. Block Excessive Noise and Movement

2. Find Your Sweet Spot for Music or Background Noise

3. Silence Notifications on Phones

4. Forget Multitasking

5. Work Between Your Brains Natural Schedule

6. Kaizen Method


How to stay focused


How to Stay Focused!


1. Get Rid of All Distractions

2. Out Up Motivating Quotes

3. Make Sure There Is Enough Light

4. Have All Your Favorite Stationary Out

5. Take Short Breaks

6. Clean Up The Area You In

7. Eat Healthy Snacks

8. Drink Water


5 psychological tips to stay focused



5 Psychological Tips to Stay Focused in School – How to Concentrate Better

Practical Psychology

1. Sleep!

2. Take Each Step as it Comes, Make A Schedule, Break Things Down

3. Try Not to Multitask

4. Break Tasks Down to Smaller Time Periods and Reward Yourself After Accomplishing Tasks

5. Take Care Of Yourself



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