Health Segment – Stress

Post-graduates may often reminisce on college life as glamorous and low-responsibility; you may be away from home, invited to parties, and making new friends– but it’s no cupcake having to deal with all the deadlines, studying, costs, varying sleep schedules, and time-management, all of which only worsens when you add a hobby, job/career, as well as family.


If you find yourself dealing with a little too much stress at once, we have some tips to help you!

1. Learn time management

Let’s get the obvious one out the way, first! If you find you have too much to do, but too little time, you might need to figure out how to better organize yourself. Look up different ways to manage your free time.

2. Be realistic

Don’t set yourself up for failure by saying you’ll get an impossible amount of things done within an amount too short for the tasks. Make sure you know how long it takes you to do each task, and assign yourself to them accordingly.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Give yourself plenty of time to do a task, meaning: don’t leave projects to do until the last couple days before they’re due.

4. Plan for breaks

If you like to work on your tasks back-to-back to maintain the focus, great! However, if you know you get burned out easily, plan for it, instead.

5.  Don’t put yourself down or run yourself ragged

If you can’t complete something, fretting and feeling bad about it will only make it worse. Take a break if you feel tired and then look for a way to fix your issue. If you can’t, work harder on your other tasks so that you tackle that task in the future with less things on your plate.

6. Don’t overwhelm yourself

Focus on what you can do and don’t sign up for something unless you’re sure you can deliver.

7. Ask for help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider turning to those you think may have the time and resources to help you. If you need help with school, ask a professor or classmate for advice (you can also find tutoring). Make sure to also treat the people who help you with consideration.

8. Make a routine

If you know you have to keep up your studies, make a habit of doing it everyday, even if there isn’t an urgent deadline. Same goes for working out and sleeping. If you do it often, it becomes easier for you to do it out of habit, rather than doing it because you need to.

9. Find ways to relax

Whether it’s with your hobby, yoga, meditation, hanging out with friends, etc., make sure you give yourself more than just breaks, do something that actively relaxes you during your free time.

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