Graduation Gift Ideas You Need to Know About

Graduation time is approaching, are you ready? After 2+ years of working hard to reach this point, students deserve a gift. Whether you are graduating or whether you have a friend, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend that is graduating here are some gift ideas.



1. Flower Arrangements – “Flowers For A Smart Flower”

Telefora – 20% off

From Your Flowers – 20% off

Pro Flowers

You can also make the flower arrangements on your own, all you have to do is get creative and make an arrangement the graduate will love.

Floral gift box handcrafted by Fleurelity. Flower arrangement with pink and green blooms.


2. Wallet – “You Worked So Hard, Now Let’s Fill This Baby Up”

Customize a wallet on:




3. Wine – “Time to Wine Down”

Party City


Hobby Lobby

It's that time of year and it seems like everyone we know has someone graduating.  We have a party to go to for my nephew this Sunday and I ...



4. Personalized Pick – “I will pick you, even after graduation”


Personalization Mall

Clayton Custom


5. Money – “Just Cause I Know, Those Student Loans Are Coming For You”

Give the gift of cash and show your support with a fun handmade graduation gift. Easy DIY craft tutorial



6. Candy Box – “Something Sweet For All Your Hard Work”

WH Candy

Graduation Personalized Embossed Chocolate Bar DiplomaImage result for graduation candy boxes



7. Personalized Jewelry


Kay Jewelers

Eve’s Addiction




8. Celebratory Mug – “If You Made It Through Grad School You Can Make It Through Anything”






9. Picture Frame – “A Bright Future is Ahead of Us”

You can purchase the frame at your nearest photography shop or your nearest Target, Walmart, or location of your choice. 

Travel // Travel Gifts // Travel Fund // Money Box // Travel


10. Memory Album – “All the Good Times We’ll Never Forget”

You can get as creative as you want with this little project. You can use photos you have taken, pictures from magazines, or print outs. Use special photos, quotes, or write little notes that will put a smile on the graduates face.


11. Cologne – “Your Future Smells Luxurious”


JC Penny

Image result for men cologne options


12. Candles – Your Future Smells Bright 


TJ Maxx


 Diseños de velas para decorar el interior de tu casa


13. Watch – It’s Graduation Time!

Tree Hut

 (Free US Express Shipping for our Father's Day Sale! Guaranteed US Arrival by Father's Day!) Handcrafted in San Francisco. Nature-inspired designs that make the perfect gift for your special ones! See the full collection at Tree Hut.


14. Funny Socks or Ties 

Hot Sox 

Sock Wizard

Image result for graduation socksImage result for graduation socks

15. Graphic Tees 


Urban Outfitters


Image result for graphic tees


16. Bottle Opener – “For Opening New Memories”


Adorn Milk

If they only made this with a wine bottle opener ... hmm ... Bottle Opening RingInvite wedding guests to fly away with you on a magical adventure with help from these airplane bottle openers!


17. Scratch Offs – “Test your luck! A Little Help Towards Some of Those Student Loans”

Image result for lottery tickets


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