Getting Settled in

What To Find On Campus

For some students this is their second or third week of class. At this point, if you’re not still figuring out where your classes are located, you guys are probably already settling in and trying to feel the rest of the campus out. To help our FIU Modesto A. Maidique (MMC) Campus students find their new favorite places, we’d like to share their retail site,! In this site you’ll find a maps of both major FIU Campuses, as well as a complete and detailed list of the available restaurants and shops that students and visitors are welcome at. Here you’ll also find meal plan information and promotions that could help you save, as well as information on FIU’s One Card, a loadable identification card that can be used to purchase anything on campus, as well as be used as a student ID.





Clubs and Organizations

Students may also already be finding themselves interested in participating in extra curricular activities and it’s always a great idea to start early! In order to find all of FIU’s available clubs and organizations, check out! Here you’ll mainly find a list of the clubs and organizations, and if you find any that you are interested in, there is a contact form where you can ask for details on those clubs and organizations. The FIU Student Government Association is also to applications, which can be found at It’s always a good idea to check these sites out now so that you can reserve your place in the club/organization of your choice and interest, so don’t delay!



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