Get Excited: FIU Football Season is Here

It’s Here


Football season is here!! 
For all those excited to show some school spirit, the FIU football games are a place to do so. Start off right with a fun tailgate and end off supporting your team.


Who’s excited for football season? Unfortunately, due to Irma, the first home game was cancelled. The good news is that the upcoming game will be on this upcoming Saturday, September 30. Get excited and make plans to see FIU win the following games:


Updated FIU tailgate calendar


FIU football games mean… FIU tailgates!!

Read below and find some helpful tailgating tips:


1. Wear school pride colors!

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FIU at Victoria’s Secret 

FIU Fanatics

2. Bring your friends, food, and drinks! 


3. Stay hydrated!

stage_8 (1)

3. Become a social butterfly! If you are new to the school and are looking to meet new people here is your perfect opportunity.


4. Try a new beer pong setup and improve your beer pong skills!

 tailgate-pong-3 (1)

5. Tailgates are meant for some fun so leave the drama at home and enjoy!

 tenor (2)

Prepare Beforehand

6. Once you buy the beer or drinks of your choice, place a bag and some ice inside. This will work as a cooler you can easily throw out once you’re done.

7. Make Jell-O Shots before the tailgate. Use colors to support your favorite team and enjoy with friends!

8. Come up with delicious and simple food ideas!


9. If you are taking food, get creative with how you want to place them. By reusing simple items you may find at home you can bring even more food.

10. If you forget your bottle opener, do not worry! You can use your door to help you open it.


Never been to an FIU tailgate? No worries! Below you will find the official Tailgating Map:




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