Fall Semester Checklist: 4 Tips to be Ahead of the Pack — Tip 2: Buying textbooks for the Best Price

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Let’s be honest: tuition isn’t cheap.  We know knowledge is power, but does it really justify paying $300 per textbook?  I have a golden tip for everyone, today.  Here’s how to pay WAY less for your course books:

My Holy Grail website, that I acquired from an amazing professor, is www.slugbooks.com.  It was as if the heavens spread apart and the clouds started raining little dollar bills into my wallet.  I found all my textbooks for my spring semester for $26, including shipping, — for all six of my classes.  Just put the textbook title or ISBN in the search bar and it instantly searches the web for the best deals and places them side-by-side, with links, for you to get the best deals.

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Here’s an example of price differences between buying new vs. buying used.  From $218.80 new to $7.00 used.  Granted, these aren’t most pristine kept textbooks, but if you don’t mind highlighted books with some scuffed edges, this is DEFINITELY for you.

Just make sure you:

  • Order your textbooks in ADVANCE.

Give them at least 2 weeks to ship, to allow for any hiccups in shipping to be processed without having to worry about not having a book in time for class.

Also, there is a possibility that you can find versions of your textbooks free online.  I’ve stumbled upon an economics text book on Scribd.com’s iPhone app.  Anyway, here are some pictures of crazy savings.  Enjoy:

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