Fall Semester Checklist: 4 Tips to be Ahead of the Pack — Tip 1: Getting Your Dream Schedule


Summer is coming to a close and the Fall semester is rapidly approaching.  For the month of August, we’ll be housing a mini series of things you should do to be Ahead of the Pack before you step onto campus.

Tip 1: Getting Your Dream Schedule.

FIU has over 54,000 students currently enrolled, so it’s no surprise that students don’t always get the schedule they want.  If you are one of the many students who wants to enroll into a class that is already full, have no fear! We have a few tips to help get you where you want to be.

Step #1: When searching for classes, check off the show only open classes box.

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  • (This way, you see all the possible options, regardless of whether or not they’re taken.)

Step #2: Select the desired class and add it to your shopping cart

Closed Courses have a blue square icon placed next to them

Aug_2015_Week_1_SLL BLOG 3

Step #3: Select course to add to shopping cart:

Aug_2015_Week_1_SLL BLOG 4 

Step #4: From here, we have a few options:

  • Option 1: Email the professor.  Professors have power when it comes to their classes.  Sending a personalized and sincere email to a professor can help you to receive an override for enrollment.



  • Option 2: Wait until the first week of school.  The first week of any semester is the Add/Drop week at FIU.  During this time, you can add or drop classes with no additional charge until you find a schedule that works for you.  Most classes will usually open on the first week of school.  Just stay close to your panthersoft, refresh the page, and enroll if the class opens up.


Extra Tips:


  • Get involved on campus! Honors College students and Student Government Association participants get priority enrollment, with regards to registration, just to name a few.


  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check ratemyprofessor.com when choosing classes.  ratemyprofessor.com is a website where students, who have already taken courses with the professor,  go back and leave reviews for their experiences in the course.  A professor, regardless of course content, can be the difference between passing and failing a class.  Always make sure your professor has good ratings to ensure you’re picking the best professors for your desired subject.


Hope you enjoyed our first in a back-to-school series!  Be sure to comment below if you have any tips or if any of these worked for you.



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