9 Must Know Facts: Solar Eclipse



Today is a very important event in history!

1 ) The last total solar eclipse was in the United States was in 1979!


2 ) A complete solar eclipse has 5 phases:

1.  1st Contact- Beginning of partial eclipse: The Moon starts becoming visible over the Sun’s disk. The Sun looks as if a bite has been taken from it.

2. 2nd Contact- Beginning of total eclipse: The entire disk of the Sun is covered by the Moon. This would be considered the diamond ring effect, right before totality.

3. Totality and maximum eclipse (The Climax): At this point, the Moon completely covers the surface of the Sun. Only the Sun’s corona is visible. Those watching will be able to see Baily’s                      Beads as well as the diamond ring effect, right after totality ends.

4. 3rd Contact- Total eclipse ends: The Moon starts moving away, and the Sun reappears.

5. 4th Contact- Partial eclipse ends: The Moon stops overlapping the Sun’s disk. The eclipse ends at this stage in this location.

3 ) Most animals will become puzzled with the unexpected dark skies. Animals will act as they would at dusk. Some run around while others stop to watch the event.


4 ) Use protection!! Eye protection is needed in order to protect your retina. Please be cautious and leave your naive side for another time. You may cause permanent damage and even become blind if you look into the solar eclipse. Please be aware that 3D glasses are not the same as solar eclipse glasses!




5 ) You are safe during totality which only lasts a couple of minutes. However, it is suggested to remain with your eye protection on. (Beware: We will not have totality in Florida this year.)


6 ) During totality, temperatures may fall considerably.



7 ) Skies with suddenly darken during totality.




8 ) This special even does not happen often. Many employers allow their staff to take a break to watch this natural event. If you are interested in viewing the event here are some places that will be hosting events to watch the eclipse: Florida International University, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, The National Hotel, Pullman Miami, S3, Charles Deering Estate, Coral Castle, South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association & The Fox Observatory, Coral Gables Art Cinema, University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, Dania Beach Pier, as well as libraries, parks, and watch parties.


9 ) If you were not able to obtain a pair of solar eclipse glasses or are afraid of looking at the Solar Eclipse yourself, you can watch this phenomenon online!



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